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Now you've decided to join us, you'll need a ukulele. We recommend you avoid the very cheapest ones, otherwise there's a variety of sizes with different features to pick from.









Soprano (full length of 21 inches, scale length of 13 inches, and between 12-15 frets) - the smallest size and the standard ukulele with the classic ukulele sound, most widely stocked and with the widest range of features and prices

Concert (full length of 23 inches, scale length of 15 inches, and between 15-20 frets)- slightly bigger than the Soprano

Tenor (full length of 26 inches, scale length of 17 inches, and between 15-20 frets) - slightly bigger than a Concert

Both of these may have a bigger sound but definitely have bigger frets

(a consideration if your fingers aren't the most delicate).

Crucially, all of these are tuned the same, which is important since we all play together. Try before you buy or if in doubt, stick with the Soprano.

(There's also a Baritone ukulele, the biggest size, but you won't be buying that until you've played for a while.)


If you own a kazoo, bring it along - some songs lend themselves to it. We're also happy for you to bring percussion instruments - members have variously played bongo drums, washboard, cajon and more!


Features and Accessories


Things to look out for - the sound, the material it's made of, the look (you can get ukuleles in funky colours)

Some have an in-built tuner (or you can buy an electronic one that clips on), a case is useful and maybe you'll need a strap (you'll know what's comfortable when you've been playing for a bit).

There are also electric ukuleles, 8-/6-/5-string ones, left-handed ones, banjo ukulele... probably more for the more seasoned player.

Where to buy


These local shops have a good range of ukuleles

Octave in Dunstable

The Music Department in St Albans

Old Buzzard Ukes in Leighton Buzzard

Robertsen Music in Watford

Perfect Pitch in Chesham


For an even wider range, try online

Amazon (good prices)

Southern Ukulele Store

World of Ukes 


(all have a great range and quality instruments)







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